What We Do

What we doThe Wine Institute of New England offers a wide and varied array of non-partisan wine education opportunities for both the consumer and the professional. We offer Wine Appreciation Classes for both educational and entertainment purposes, where students gain a better understanding of aspects such as varieties or regions. WINE also offers clients its expertise for Private and Corporate Wine Tastings, which can be held in a location of the client’s choosing or at one of our guest facilities. Our Certified Specialist of Wine study course is designed for individuals interested in achieving a high standard of academic wine knowledge and mastery of key elements within the worlds of wine and vine, either for personal accomplishment or for use in a professional capacity. Attending Food and Wine Pairing classes, or enjoying one of our Food and Wine Pairing Events, provides the perfect opportunity to study the art of pairing in an enjoyable environment.

The Wine Institute of New England offers additional wine-related services, including public relations representation, wine service staff training and wine menu consultations. We are happy to entertain requests for all other wine-related services. Our goal is to make wine accessible to and enjoyable by all those who pass through our doors.

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